C.S. Nursing in Your Home

If you need care and would like to stay in your own home, you can call a Private-Duty Christian Science Nurse. They do the same work you would find in a C.S. Care facility, except it’s one-on-one care. Christian Science Nurses bring a healing atmosphere to the home when a clear-sighted, metaphysical, prayerful presence and skilled nursing arts are needed.

Hear from Andrew what you can expect when working with a Private-Duty C.S. Nurse in your home:


What does an in-home Christian Science Nurse do?

The primary purpose of employing a Christian Science Nurse is to assist in maintaining an atmosphere conducive to healing in your home. You'll find that they bring an expectancy of complete and quick healing.

Of course, your Private-Duty Christian Science Nurse is also there to skillfully assist with personal care and bathing, mobility needs, regular and special nourishment needs, and bandaging as needed.

It's a ministry, filled with loving reassurance of God's tender care, His ever-presence and omnipotence! 


How does it work? 

There will be time for individual study and sharing of spiritual ideas. Private-Duty Christian Science Nurse will be glad to help fill the atmosphere with Truth and Love by reading aloud from:

  • The Christian Science Bible Lesson
  • The Bible
  • Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy
  • Literature published by the Christian Science Publishing Society
  • And listening together to online Christian Science Church services, lectures, and podcasts, etc.


Good to Know: 

It's always important to have a written Agreement with a Private-Duty Christian Science Nurse, as you would with a Christian Science Care Facility. The Agreement will include expectations and what services are offered and not offered. See The Mother Church's Standards for Care: CS Nurse Scope of Services 

(if you'd like to read the Scope of Services in languages other than English please visit their website here)

Every Christian Science Nurse should  be able to send you their Agreement by email. When the Agreement is agreed upon by both parties, and an email is sent to the Christian Science Nurse expressing acceptance of the Agreement by Patient or Guardian, arrangements can then be made for travel and an arrival date.

To become familiar with sample Agreements please visit our page

Sample Agreements & Invoices


C.S. Nurse Connections serves to help connect those in need of a Private-Duty Christian Science Nurse to available Private-Duty C.S. Nurses.

You may browse Private Duty C.S. Nurses in our database by availability, or if you are unable to find an available C.S. Nurse to meet your need, you're invited to submit a request for care. 

Find a Christian Science Nurse   OR   Submit a Request for Care

Note: this site does not list all Journal Listed Christian Science Nurses. For the complete listing, please refer to a current copy of the Christian Science Journal or visit online.

If in-home nursing is not what you are looking for, find explanations and resources for other types of C.S. Nursing care on our page

Other Types of C.S. Nursing Care 


“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” — ROMANS 8:28