Training Christian Science Nurses in a Home Setting

We're excited to partner with
Glenmont Christian Science Nursing
to offer educational opportunities for
readying yourself
to serve as a Christian Science nurse!

If you are interested in becoming a Christian Science nurse or continuing your training, but are unable to leave home and present responsibilities for an extended period of time to complete training in a facility setting, this program may be for you!

This new program offers up to two weeks of online sessions followed by several weeks of classroom and practicum. Our education team has adapted Glenmont's reputable curriculum to meet the needs of the Christian Science nurse working in a home setting. 

Take a look at what our students are saying:

“You take such tender care of us students and of our future patients by ensuring that we have the ethics and skills we need to help others.”

“I am so grateful for the on-going support, through mentoring and consulting. Thanks for always being there for me. Words cannot convey how grateful I am.”

“The Training Center is so well equipped – you have all the equipment that we need to practice giving care!”

“I am so impressed with what you’ve achieved here. Teaching and mentoring in home settings gives us students the support we need to help our patients.”

Class Schedules: Classes are scheduled upon demand and are structured to meet the needs of those involved. E-mail the instructor, Katherine Napper, to inquire about class availability. Contact her here or at

Remote classes are held online via Zoom.

On-site portions of class are held in our Christian Science Nursing Education Villa at The Willows, in Southern California.

Mentoring begins when the student enrolls in a course and continues post-course. During the in-person portions of class, the instructor and students often to attend to patients’ needs in home settings. The online/on-site sessions may be followed by a flexible, 10 week, side-by-side mentoring in home settings and at different Christian Science care facilities to give the trainee a variety of experiences before pursuing the next level of training.

There are 4 levels of training, although Levels 1 & II are usually taught together. Read our detailed course descriptions here.

Financial assistance for tuition and travel/lodging during classes may be available.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” — MATTHEW 11:28