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Name From Care Availability
Raoul BruceSan Antonio , Texas Any Type of Care, Need an Assessment, Consulting, Mobility, Bed Care, Bandaging, Mental Challenge, Light Care, Light Lifting, Light BandagingNot Available
Deborah StuckerSan Diego, CAAny Type of Care, Need an Assessment, ConsultingNot Available
Jeffrey Deemer-WhiteDelafield , Wisconsin Any Type of Care, Need an AssessmentNot Available
Beatrix von Meier-InceMaplewood, New Jersey, Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service of New JerseyAny Type of CareNot Available
Omondi OduorSt. Louis, MissouriAny Type of CareNot Available
Ruth Margaret DaviesBallwin, MOAny Type of CareNot Available
Barbara DomschkeBend, ORAny Type of CareNot Available
Sarah White-BowmanORNot Available
Sherry AbdelnourCAAny Type of CareNot Available

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