Andrew Shepherd

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Not Available

Phone: (310) 633-0335

  • Home Base: San Diego, CA
  • Travels: USA & International
  • Time: 24/7, 24/14, Days, Weekends, Evenings, Overnights (2-3 in a row)
  • Region: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Care Type: Any Type of Care, Bandaging, Light Care

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I’ve been nursing Christian Scientists since 2001. I started in private duty nursing in people’s homes, working under the mentorship of veterans in Chicago and California before I finished my training with Pam Gudger in Seattle in 2005. I did facility work at Broadview in Los Angeles and at Sunland in San Diego, but mostly I’ve been in the field. I have worked with complicated dressings, mental challenges, bed care, feeding, ambulation, and re-engaging with life. I’ve worked in small towns and big cities all over the country. I’m willing to work with people who have used temporary means as long as they have a journal-listed Christian Science practitioner and aren’t asking me to do something I’m not trained to do.

I’m a thinker and I like to solve problems. I don’t think we solve problems at the same level of thinking that created them, so when we are facing a challenge that won’t give easily, we have to be willing to “give up all for Christ,” to turn the soil of the entire garden that grew our current problems. Then we can “make all things new.”


“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” — MATTHEW 11:28