Sample Agreements & Invoices


As a kindness to Patients and to be professional, do not have any unwritten Agreements or Invoices.

It is very important for a principled approach to our ministry of Private-Duty Christian Science Nursing that we all strive to be more consistent and professional in our approach to preparing and submitting Agreements and Invoices for our work. It’s the “office” of Christian Science Nursing that Mrs. Eddy provided for in the Manual that we are representing.

You should prepare your own templates for Agreements and Invoices for consistency, professionalism and ease of doing business.


Using an Agreement For Private-Duty Christian Science Nursing

If you have never used an Agreement for your work, during one of the preliminary calls with a Patient or Agent, ask if you can email them your Agreement so that everyone knows what to expect.

Emailing those documents is the most efficient way to ensure that both parties have a copy of the Agreement and Invoices.

There are several samples listed below. We cannot give legal advice but if you have additional questions, feel free to call Connections.


Using a proper Invoice For Private-Duty Christian Science Nursing

Believe it or not, Patients and families have admitted to receiving invoices from Christian Science Nurses on scraps of paper, by text messages or not at all.  It’s the “office” of Christian Science Nursing that Mrs. Eddy provided for in the Manual that we are representing, so let’s be conscientious and professional in that representation.

Feel free to download and use the sample invoices below for your ministry.

Invoice Samples For Private Duty Christian Science Nursing




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