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(1) Below you will see an Agreement for Listing on this website.  Please review the Agreement.

(2) There is no fee or charge for listing on our website, but the Agreement for Listing covers agreed upon terms.

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Request To Sign-up

We are happy to have you listing on this website! There are a few requirements to be met which will be discussed and agreed upon here. For purposes of the Agreement, the owner of the Connections website, Christian Science Nurse Connections, Inc., a California non-profit corporation, is herein referred to as “Connections”. As pertains to the Journal Listed Christian Science nurse (herein “JLCSN”) listing on the Connections website and signing this Agreement, he/she is sometimes referred to as “You.”

  1. It is understood that this is not a Referral Service. It is an information avenue to connect the public with available JLCSNs that can meet the need of those wishing to stay in their home while receiving Christian Science nursing care. It is also understood and agreed that Connections does not recommend any particular JLCSN. Those seeking a JLCSN on this website are solely responsible for making the selection of the JLCSN they deem appropriate to meet their need by interviewing the JLCSN, checking references, contracting with, and otherwise vetting, as they see fit, the JLCSN they so choose.
  1. Those JLCSNs:
    • applying for listing on the Connections website, and
    • meeting the requirements for listing specified by Connections from time to time, and
    • entering into this Agreement for Christian Science Nurses Listing on the Connections Website, will be listed on the Connections website.
  1. At all times, a prerequisite to listing on the Connections website is that the Christian Science nurse be currently listed in the Christian Science Journal and be current on their account with the Christian Science Publishing Society (“CSPS”) for listing in the Journal. For these purposes Connections shall rely solely on information, records and publications of the CSPS.
  1. It is important to understand and to be alert to the fact that your name will show as Not Available unless you answer the daily email positively, or manually change your Profile page status to Available each day. If you do not answer the daily email at all, the computer will automatically reflect your status as Not Available until you choose to take cases again. You may choose to put the daily email into preemptive/suspension for an indefinite length of time which also puts your profile into the Not Available mode and eliminates your daily email until you click the yes button on your profile page for receiving emails again. An important aspect of the Connections website is that it filters out those JLCSNs who are not currently available, so that the public can quickly find and engage a JLCSN who is ready to meet their need.
  1. At this time and until further notice:
    • no charges will be required of either the listing JLCSN or the seeker using the Connections website to find a Christian Science nurse, and
    • no term, provision or condition of this Agreement can be amended except by Connections, in writing and with 30 days prior notice.
  1. The Christian Science nurse applying for listing on the Connections website and signing this Agreement:
    • authorizes, consents and agrees that Connections shall conduct a national criminal background search every 5 years (no charge to the Christian Science nurse) on her/him through a background search service of Connections choosing, and
    • agrees to execute and provide all documents and personal information required by law and the background search service (including written consent and authorization, disclosure of personal information, including social security number, driver license number, current/past residences & names, etc.).
  1. Until we have more and more JLCSNs on the website, we will offer a place under Find a CSN that is called Leave a Care Request. This is for the public that is unable to find a JLCSN to meet their need. They fill out a form online then we upload it to a place under CSN Tools where only JLCSNs (with a password) on this site can have access to that information. If you decide to take one of those cases, Connections asks that you notify us so we can take the Care Request off of the list.
  1. In consideration of the free listing on the Connections website, it is agreed and understood that the listing JLCSN hereby RELEASES AND DISCHARGES Connections, including its owners, incorporators, directors, officers, employees, agents, web-designers, and/or representatives, from any and all claims, liability, damages and expenses arising out of the listing on and use of the Connections website and the transactions and matters contemplated by this Agreement.
  1. In addition to, but not to detract from any other provision in this document, You:
    • understand that this is NOT a referral website.
    • agree to represent the office of Christian Science nurse with the highest of ethics, always following the Golden Rule.
    • understand that this is NOT a referral website.
    • understand the importance of keeping your Profile page information up to date and your availability status accurate (via morning email, manually or by suspending your daily email for an indefinite length of time). Ignoring the daily email also results in setting your account status to Not Available until you reinstate your Available status.
    • represent that You are currently listed as of this date as a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse in the Christian Science Journal and your account is paid in full with the CSPS.
    • agree to immediately notify Connections by email of any change in your listing in the Christian Science Journal.
    • agree to immediately notify Connections in writing of any change in your email address and telephone number You may adopt for your listing as a JLCSN.
    • represent and warrant that: (a) You have never been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude (assault, theft, or of a serious nature); and (b) the information You publish from time to time on your Profile Page is true and correct.
    • understand and agree that:
      1. if you default in the performance of any agreements you have made herein; and/or
      2. if you withdraw from or You are ever removed from or denied Christian Science Journal listing; and/or
      3. if any representation You have made herein is found to be false;

You agree that You will no longer be eligible for listing on the Connections website.

  1. For purposes of communicating with Connections, until further notice, its email address is and its assistance telephone number is 469-475-9443. 8 am-10 pm PST.
  1. You agree that a digital, electronically signed copy of this Agreement which You execute for Connections shall have the same force and effect for all purposes as a hand signed original.
  1. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Connections reserves the absolute right, for any reason and at any time, to decline to list any person.
  1. I hereby apply for listing as a JLCSN on the Connections website and acknowledge that I have READ and UNDERSTAND and AGREE to all of the terms, conditions, provisions, and representations of this Agreement.


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” — JEREMIAH 29:11