Advanced Health Care Directives

Information and Forms –

AHCDs will vary from state to state according to each state’s laws. 

The required statutory language to be included in the document, and the statutory mandated manner of signing (i.e. witnesses, notary public, etc.), the document will vary from state to state. 

As a Christian Scientist, it is important that you explicitly detail the specific Christian Science treatment you desire in your AHCD.

Your AHCD should comport with the laws of the state in which you reside.

Solely as an example and only for illustration purposes, Sunland Home Foundation in San Diego, CA., has online, a good example for California residents only of an AHCD stating clearly and specifically the Christian Science treatment and care a Christian Scientist may desire.

The information provided herein is solely for illustration purposes – You should consult with your own personal attorney regarding preparation of your AHCD.

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