Other Types of C.S. Nursing Care

**Although C.S. Nurse Connections was created to provide a way to connect Private Duty C.S. Nurses and those who need care, if a Private Duty C.S. Nurse is not be the best fit for your situation, there are other ways you can receive support:

Visiting Christian Science Nursing in Your Home:

  • A Christian Science Nurse is called to a home for a need that can be cared for within a couple hour period each day.
  • **This is different than a Private-Duty C.S. Nurse because Visiting C.S. Nurses work for a service that employs multiple Visiting C.S. Nurses. They visit in smaller increments of time rather than stay in your home for the more around-the-clock style care that Private-Duty C.S. Nurses can provide.

Christian Science Nursing Facilities:

  • Christian Science Nurses staff a Christian Science care facility to provide care for patients 24/7.

Sheltered/Assisted Living:

  • Sheltered Care is a type of residential community for Christian Scientists who need light assistance for an indefinite period of time.

Supported Living:

  • Supported Living offers accommodations and care for developmentally challenged Christian Science adults.

Independent Residential Living:

  • Independent living facilities may offer services such as meals, transportation, cleaning, and laundry, while still allowing you to live on your own without the need for Sheltered/Assisted care.

School and Camp Christian Science Nursing:

  • Each Christian Science camp and Christian Science school requires a certain number of Christian Science Nurses to staff their work seasons each year.


If you missed our C.S. Nursing in Your Home page:

Private Duty Christian Science Nursing in Your home:

  • Christian Science Nurses are called to a home to render their services on a part time or full time basis.
  • If you are unable to find an available Christian Science Nurse to meet your need, you're invited to submit a Request for Care form below.
  • Requests for Care will be uploaded to the website, where only Christian Science Nurses can see it and respond. 
  • Your personal information cannot be seen by the public.

Find a C.S. Nurse    OR    Submit a Request for Care 


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